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(formerly titled THE LADDER)

In this forthcoming visionary novel with literary appeal, a recently deceased, self-described control freak learns that loving sometimes means learning how to let go.

Is there life after death?

Forget Elisabeth Kübler-Ross. Ask Judith McBride, a cheeky, forty-one year old freelance writer who counts herself lucky to have a husband who never leaves the seat up. She is savvy, naturally inquisitive, and a die-hard animal lover. She is also possessed of a tenacity that serves her well in life, even as it periodically drives her friends and family crazy. Challenge seems to be a way of life for Judith, who touts herself as living proof of the old adage, "That which doesn't kill us makes us stronger."

Ironically, that which kills Judith McBride is precisely what makes her stronger. Or so she thinks.

In its simplest form, REMOTE CONTROL is about a woman who has to die in order to learn how to live. It's about learning to let go.